Need: safer MRI contrast agent

Gadolinium is a rare earth metal which is alien to biology. Historically gadolinium was used in MRI contrast agents. The risk posed by gadolinium to renally impaired patients and accelerating concerns about gadolinium deposition in all patients make a gadolinium-free approach to MRI essential.

Manganese is an essential element vital for life; it can also produce strong magnetic resonance (MR) signal. Manganese has many advantages versus gadolinium. However, it is technically difficult to create a manganese complex which both produces a strong MR signal and is highly stable. Reveal has solved this challenge.

Reveal’s gadolinium-free contrast agent, RVP-001, was invented by Peter Caravan and Eric Gale at Massachusetts General Hospital / Harvard Medical School. RVP-001 is a direct substitute for GBCAs: it produces equivalent images for the same indications as GBCAs, using identical radiology workflow and protocols.

Solution: RVP-001, the gadolinium-free MRI contrast agent.