Reveal Pharmaceuticals

The Gadolinium Free MRI Contrast Agent

We all know someone who has had a contrast enhanced MRI
Over 30 million contrast enhanced (CE) MRI scans are performed worldwide each year.
CE-MRI scans provide vital medical insight for diagnosis and management of conditions including cancer, stroke, multiple sclerosis, cardiovascular disease, genetic disorders, and many more.

All current MRI contrast agents deposit gadolinium in all patients
All approved MRI contrast agents are based on the heavy metal gadolinium.
Gadolinium based contrast agents (GBCAs) carry an FDA boxed warning because they cause devastating nephrogenic systemic fibrosis in renally impaired patients. All GBCAs lead to deposition of gadolinium in the brain, bone, and other organs of all patients.
Worldwide regulators have restricted GBCAs but there are no alternatives for this crucial contrast-enhanced medical imaging.

Reveal’s solution: the gadolinium-free MRI contrast agent
Reveal’s gadolinium-free MRI contrast agent is a direct substitute for GBCAs.
Our agent, RVP-001, is based on the biocompatible essential element manganese.
RVP-001 produces equivalent images to GBCAs for the same indications as GBCAs, using established radiology workflow and protocols.

Reveal's goal: safer contrast enhanced MRI for all patients.

Reveal's MRI contrast agent is a direct replacement for all current GBCAs: it will be used for the same disease indications, using existing radiology workflow and protocols.

Reveal's MRI contrast agent was designed to be safe for all patients, including renally impaired patients, for whom all other MRI and CT contrast agents are contraindicated.

Reveal's MRI contrast agent is based on manganese, a biocompatible essential element: manganese is naturally regulated, processed, transported, and excreted by the human body.